New song online!

Hello there!

I made a brand new song and is now online on my website: http://www.intirock.be . If you like it and you want it... No worriez... it will soon be available for download on iTunes!!!


Inti xXx


Download my song NOW on iTunes...

This is really awesome... You can now download my song ("Person That You See") on iTunes! I'm really proud to present you this! You can always listen to it first on my MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/intipop) and if you like it, you can download it on iTunes and take me everywhere with you on your iPod! Click here: Inti - Person That You See - Single to download the song!

I really hope you will like it :-)


Getting hot for 'Chinese Democracy'

Watch the official GunsNRoses trailer for their new album 'Chinese Democracy' on MySpaceTV : http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individ...

I can't wait :-)

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Person That You Really See --> My first song NOW ONLINE

Well I finally finished my first demo! It's a song I wrote myself... both music as lyrics... And thanks to very talented musician Franky de Mangelaere it became alive! He taught me how to write a song and he recorded both keys as guitar. A true blessing! You can listen to it on my MySpace profile: http://www.myspace.com/intipop

Bless you!

Inti xXx

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Voice Range Profile

If you perform a voice analysis (laryngoscopy) they may want to check your voice range profile. To do this you'll have to produce all the notes of your range (from lowest to highest) on all the volumes you are able to produce this note (from loudest to most quiet). You produce the sound in a mic and it all gets registered by a computer program. The result is a chart with your notes (in Hz) on the X-axis, and the volume (in dB) on the Y-axis.

Here below you can see an example of such a profile. It's made in 'normal' circumstances. This means you do not prepare your voice before doing this, it's a range you should be able to attempt at any time of the day. And oh well yeah... this profile is mine ;-)


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Review of Rosie Pearl's concert by Stijn Terrie (Nieuwsblad)

Last Friday we could enjoy Lorenzo Luca's en Rosie Pearl's concert @ ICC Ghent. 700 fans attended this show! And so did the newspapers... Flemish newspaper 'Het Nieuwsblad' wrote a very positive article about the concert. To read the beautiful words, please click: http://nieuwsblad.typepad.com/gent/2008/09/een-nieuw-pare...

It kinda means you were wrong by not being there... ;-)

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Your favourite music linked to the employee that you are...

Dear readers!

I found this very interesting article about a scientifical research that wanted to link someone's favourite style of music to the type of employee that you are. I do not know if it's a research of many meanings, but... It's kinda fun to read it! The article is in Dutch though...

Click this link: http://www.jobat.be/nl/info/notes/muziekvoorkeur.aspx

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Songs Rosie Pearl and Lorenzo Luca uploaded!

In a former blog post I uploaded the official flyer of Rosie Pearl's and Lorenzo Luca's double concert on September 12th. Now I'm posting this one to announce you they have uploaded their songs on their personal MySpace profiles. Go check them out and get a sneak preview of their upcoming show!

http://www. myspace. com/margotderidder

http://www. myspace. com/llrenzo

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Hi there!

Some of you might know I work in a hospital. One of the advantages of working in a hospital (ok, maybe the only advantage, but it's an important one...) is you can have free consultations. Ever since the day I've been working there I had to try and do everything to please the doctors, so now I think it's about time they pleased me. So I was thinking that maybe my scientifical career might come in handy for my musical career. So I started to do some research to find a doctor who could check out my vocal cords... And I found one! Dear Prof. Dr. Olaf Michel was the lucky one to have a close look at my beloved cords :-) I wrote down my experience for the singers among us, or for those who'd just like to know how they test your voice box. After all... the procedure is exactly the same for patients who diagnose throat hoarseness or other voice problems, including cancer of the voice box (larynx).

I arrived at consultation where the doctor asked me some questions about cough, hoarseness, breathing etc... With a little mirror he looked right into my nose to have a little check. After that he performed indirect laryngoscopy. This means the doctor holds a mirror at the back of the throat. Meanwhile he had a very funny hat on with a big light attached to make sure he could have a proper look into my throat. Then he took me into a dark room, it almost looked like an OR. He said he'd perform direct fiber-optic laryngoscopy. I didn't like the sound of that and I knew he'd do it, but ah well... you have to pass this for better diagnosis.

So I lie down on this very confortable bed. I can see a big TV where they'd watch the view of the camera they were about to shove down my head. I was still in a pretty good mood and asked the doctor if I could watch along. So the doctor asked his assistant to move the TV to a place where I could watch too. I really liked this gesture, I must admit the doctor was a real nice guy. Then the doctor took a small flexible fiberoptic scope. He put the scope into my nose and very gently he shoved the scope deeper and deeper down into it. It wasn't painful, I just felt a little pressure and tiny bit ache on the inside of my nose, but since he put anesthetic paste on the scope it didn't hurt much. As he continued sliding the scope it finally arrived into my throath and my vocal cords were visible on the screen! I almost felt like a pregnant mother who saw her unborn child for the first time during echography :-) Anyways... although the experience wasn't painful and even a bit magical... It wasn't a very nice one... The feeling you have while you can feel the tubings in the middle of your head was an ackward and very unpleasant one. My eyes spontaneously started to cry and after a while I started retching. I suddenly felt very unconfortable and I saw flashes of the famous 'Ludovico Treatment'-scene of the film 'A Clockwork Orange'. All I wanted at that moment is the doctor to pull those darn wires out of my throat! After a while he did... Pfew...

And what was the result? At first sight my cords seemed to be fine. No dysfunctions, no abnormalities... My vocal cords are in good shape! I was very pleased to hear that! Guess I must thank my vocal coaches for learning me how to use my voice well :-) The only remark he had was the fact that my nose was very small (hell yeah... didn't need to say that... I felt the scope good enough to know that...). It could cause dry throat and sometimes sore throat (indeed... a common feeling I have when I wake up...), but after all no problems that cannot be fixed with some physiological solutions and nose strips :-)

In 2 weeks I have an appointment with the neurolinguist. He'll be checking the vibrations of my cords. I won't say I'm looking forward to it, but I am very curious about it. And of course... I'll explain you everything :-)))


Oldskool Final Exams


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Rosie Pearl & Lorenzo Luca Live @ ICC Gent

affichefin-copie +sponsors


Eurosong 2008

Click on this link to watch the video of Eurosong 2008 winner...



Never give up!

Dear readers... Omg... sounds like I'm writing in a diary I've never had :-) But ah well... Nothing's wrong with being polite I guess!

I wanted to write something special today. Because last week I've experienced something great. You know that feeling you get when you get tired of fighting? When you think that all efforts you do seem worthless? Well, I guess then you know how I must have felt like the last few months.

Ever since I began singing I've been struggling with some problems a singer can encounter: nerves, lack of focus, breath... but especially a wrong pitch. Some performances I did were bad, some of them were ok, but never ever I managed to perform with a controlled pitch. This has been a big frustration since no matter how well you do on stage... It never really sounds right with the wrong pitch. Lately this has really been bugging me! Coz I done like so many exercises, and when it finally started to work at home, at ease behind my piano, I still messed it up on stage.

Last Oldskool Jam I did was a big disaster: wrong song, wrong mood... louzy performance. I felt like I did the worst thing I've ever done on stage. Then in April I went to camp with the singing school and during rehearsals I felt physically bad. I felt like nothing in my body was going the right direction to express each single note the way I wanted. And that was it... After that feeling I started changing my way of studying and I started looking for some causes.

I do not know if that was the right thing to do, nor do I know if it had a big influence on me. I can only say that the future will tell. But last Friday there was an Oldskool Jam again (shame on you if you weren't there), and feeling a bit low I did not have many expectations. Went to rehearsal, did pretty ok (not bad, but not ace either) and then I went back home. Studying my songs over and over again and waiting to get back to the Jam. Like I was doing a job or so... When I arrived my mood was pretty ok. But as I said... I felt like singing, but with no expectations at all. One way I was thinking I couldn't do worse than last time, on the other hand I was thinking... I cannot fail... I'm finally going to have to prove myself... Not only to me, but also to those who have never ever lost faith in me... especially to those who never lost faith in me there where most people have. So, I got on stage and I was bloody nervous. I wasn't thinking very much when I crawled on stage. Just felt my heart beating in my throat. Then the music started, I counted the beats, let the chords wave into my soul, opened my mouth and just started singing. At that certain moment I felt like everything made sense again. My body wasn't screaming inside, but it was full with harmony and a good feeling. I felt so at ease and all excited at the same time. And for the very first time... I sang the way I wanted to... And you cannot believe how I was enjoying every second I stood there...

Well, this is a long story... But all I wanted to say, is that you never ever should give up. Because suddenly, and mostly when you least expect it, you'll find the missing pieces of the puzzle. I know this was only a one time experience and I felt like something struck upon me. So, I'm still analyzing the cause and I really hope I'll find it! I have a big exam in June coming up that will tell me if my thoughts are right. I bloody well hope they are

Maybe you wonder why I always continued doing this... Well... I'm confessing... It's not because I hate myself so much I love punishing myself   No, the truth is... I love this... It's been a part of me since the day I was born and it has moulded me into the person I am today. And although the road often seemed to be blurry, and sometimes I'd rather have sold my vocal chords to the devil... deep inside I've always believed in myself. And now (maybe if it was only once, but of course I hope it's not) it finally showed off. So... Dear readers... Never stop listening to your inner voice, never stop believing in yourself, never stop working, working, working your ass off... Sooner or later, you WILL be rewarded... And now... That's a promise!!!

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Feel your Larynx!

Here are some interesting tips about the larynx. I quoted it from 'Find Your Voice' by Jo Thompson:

"Put one hand on either side of your neck, in line with your Adam's Apple and gently move your larynx from side to side. It feels quite strange, as it is suspended from your hyoid or tongue bone."


"Rest your hands gently on your larynx. Sing a low note and join it to a high note. Does your larynx move up? I think you'll find it does."


Marleen De Castro LIVE @ GC De Zeyp, March 20th

Marleen De Castro, graduate student of vocal school Oldskool (http://www.myspace.com/oldskoolstudio or http://www.oldskool.be ), will perform live on Thursday, March 20th. She will perform as the starter of  Zoshia's concert.

Marleen is an extremely talented vocalist who will give you the best she can, guided by the great pianist Franky De Mangelaere. She will bring you the best of Jazz, Blues and Soul and will entertain you on familiar tunes such as "Funny Valentine", "Hard To Handle", "Black Coffee", ... and many more, but all in her own energic, exploding style that will blow you away! If you're a fan of this genre, you must be at this concert. And even if you do not like it, I'm sure Marleen knows the right notes to make you love it never the less.

The show will start at 7.30pm. For more information about the concerts and the venue, check the website of GC De Zeyp (http://www.dezeyp.be) .

Get out and go and meet the new Flemisch Aretha Franklin!


Bass Papa feat. Larry LIVE!!!

Bass Papa feat. Larry will perform twice for you in March. For more details about the concerts, click on the links below!

March 20th, CC Strombeek-Bever:


March 21st, The Music Village, Brussels:


You just can't miss this!!!

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Where to put your fingers on your guitar or piano

This one's not just for the singers, but also the guitar and piano players among us. The picture below shows us where to put your fingers on your guitar or piano for all kind of chords. I think this could be handy printing it out and put it just above your bed so you can do some memo exercises each day ;-) Ah well, or just a nice memory helper for one of those black-outs...


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Valeria Capaldi in concert!

The wonderful singer Valeria Capaldi will perform at GC De Zeyp on February 21st. She will make us enjoy some great jazz tunes guided by the very talented pianist Franky De Mangelaere.

 For more information about the concert, follow these links:



For more information about the artist, check her MySpace:



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All different views from the larynx

The next picture gives you more information on the larynx. Discover all the different views...


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Oldskool Jam 2008

Vocal studio 'Oldskool' (check http://www.myspace.com/oldskool or http://www.oldskool.be) organizes a huge Jam on Friday, February 29th. All students from all grades will perform for you guided by a very talented pianist. The show will be held @ GC De Zeyp (http://www.dezeyp.be/) and will start at 8.30pm. Doors will be open at 7.30pm, drinks and snacks will be available. Entry is free of charge! No reservations required...

I hope I will have the honour to welcome you there!!!

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Kristina Seleshanko's Voicestudio Links

And yet another interesting URL provided to me by Valli http://www.myspace.com/villacavaldi (thank you for helping me build this blog...) is a link to Kristina Seleshanko's voicestudio website. On this page you can find many interesting links for singers and other musicians (like finding teachers, sheet music, ...). Click on following link for this source of information http://voicestudio.kristinaseleshanko.com/Links.htm

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The Normal Larynx

Ever wondered how a good working Larynx looks like??? Wanna see how your vocal chords really work??? Well, take a look at the following website: http://www.entusa.com/larynx_video_html/normal_larynx_wmv...

I'm warning you... It might be working good, but that doesn't mean it is looking good Lachend

I want to thank Valli for passing me this very interesting URL to post on my blog! Check her profile on http://www.myspace.com/villacavaldi and leave her a nice comment coz she deserves it Cool

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AB Concerts January/February

21-01-2008 SEASICK STEVE  ABBOX Uitverkocht
 22-01-2008 DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS  ABBOX Afgelast
 23-01-2008 Watch Live on ABTV MAN MAN MAN  ABCLUB Koop Tickets
 24-01-2008 HENRY ROLLINS  ZAAL Uitverkocht
 27-01-2008 ARID  ZAAL Koop Tickets
 27-01-2008 GEORGIE JAMES  ABCLUB Koop Tickets
 28-01-2008 JIMMY EAT WORLD  ZAAL Koop Tickets
 31-01-2008 UNDERWORLD  ZAAL Uitverkocht
 01-02-2008 CHRISTIAN SCOTT  ABCLUB Koop Tickets
 01-02-2008 REEL BIG FISH  ZAAL Koop Tickets
 02-02-2008 PLAIN WHITE T'S  ZAAL Koop Tickets
 07-02-2008 DELAVEGA  ABBOX Koop Tickets
 08-02-2008 STARS  ABCLUB Koop Tickets
 10-02-2008 36 CRAZYFISTS  ABCLUB Afgelast
 13-02-2008 SAINT AMOUR  ZAAL Koop Tickets
 14-02-2008 EARTH + KTL + SIR RICHARD BISHOP  ABBOX Koop Tickets
 14-02-2008 Watch Live on ABTV STASH  ABCLUB Uitverkocht
 15-02-2008 AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB  ABCLUB Koop Tickets
 15-02-2008 ANGIE STONE  ZAAL Koop Tickets
 20-02-2008 BABYSHAMBLES  ZAAL Uitverkocht
 20-02-2008 YEASAYER  ABCLUB Koop Tickets
 22-02-2008 GHINZU  ZAAL Uitverkocht
 26-02-2008 TARAF DE HAÏDOUKS  ABBOX Koop Tickets
 28-02-2008 LE VELO VERT  MUSIC VILLAGE Gratis
 28-02-2008 JENS LEKMAN + LUCKY FONZ III  ABCLUB Koop Tickets
 28-02-2008 AIR TRAFFIC  ZAAL Uitverkocht
 29-02-2008 AB BOTA 2008  ABBOX Koop Tickets
 29-02-2008 2 DAYS AB BOTA  AB + BOTA Koop Tickets

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Most important scales in C

C major:


C natural minor (Aeolian):


C harmonic minor:


C melodic minor (ascending):




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Welcome to Inti's Skynet Blog

Well, I've decided to create my own blog! As you probably might have guessed already, this blog is dedicated to singers. Although I'm sure all singers would like to hear the voice of singer lovers and other musicians too, so all of them are very welcome here as well...

 My name's Cynthia aka Inti, a nickname created by my vocal coach Larry, tha chief of Oldskool! Oldskool is a private singing school in Brussels and Ghent, so if you consider singing classes, check the URL on my links section.

 And please, don't hesitate visiting my MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/intipop . On my top friends list you will find some of my class mates, all very talented singers sharing the same mojo!

 I hope you will enjoy your time on my blog, and feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts with us!!!

 Rockin' Kisses,

Inti xXx

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