Welcome to Inti's Skynet Blog

Well, I've decided to create my own blog! As you probably might have guessed already, this blog is dedicated to singers. Although I'm sure all singers would like to hear the voice of singer lovers and other musicians too, so all of them are very welcome here as well...

 My name's Cynthia aka Inti, a nickname created by my vocal coach Larry, tha chief of Oldskool! Oldskool is a private singing school in Brussels and Ghent, so if you consider singing classes, check the URL on my links section.

 And please, don't hesitate visiting my MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/intipop . On my top friends list you will find some of my class mates, all very talented singers sharing the same mojo!

 I hope you will enjoy your time on my blog, and feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts with us!!!

 Rockin' Kisses,

Inti xXx

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