Voice Range Profile

If you perform a voice analysis (laryngoscopy) they may want to check your voice range profile. To do this you'll have to produce all the notes of your range (from lowest to highest) on all the volumes you are able to produce this note (from loudest to most quiet). You produce the sound in a mic and it all gets registered by a computer program. The result is a chart with your notes (in Hz) on the X-axis, and the volume (in dB) on the Y-axis.

Here below you can see an example of such a profile. It's made in 'normal' circumstances. This means you do not prepare your voice before doing this, it's a range you should be able to attempt at any time of the day. And oh well yeah... this profile is mine ;-)


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Review of Rosie Pearl's concert by Stijn Terrie (Nieuwsblad)

Last Friday we could enjoy Lorenzo Luca's en Rosie Pearl's concert @ ICC Ghent. 700 fans attended this show! And so did the newspapers... Flemish newspaper 'Het Nieuwsblad' wrote a very positive article about the concert. To read the beautiful words, please click: http://nieuwsblad.typepad.com/gent/2008/09/een-nieuw-pare...

It kinda means you were wrong by not being there... ;-)

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Your favourite music linked to the employee that you are...

Dear readers!

I found this very interesting article about a scientifical research that wanted to link someone's favourite style of music to the type of employee that you are. I do not know if it's a research of many meanings, but... It's kinda fun to read it! The article is in Dutch though...

Click this link: http://www.jobat.be/nl/info/notes/muziekvoorkeur.aspx

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