Valeria Capaldi in concert!

The wonderful singer Valeria Capaldi will perform at GC De Zeyp on February 21st. She will make us enjoy some great jazz tunes guided by the very talented pianist Franky De Mangelaere.

 For more information about the concert, follow these links:



For more information about the artist, check her MySpace:



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Oldskool Jam 2008

Vocal studio 'Oldskool' (check http://www.myspace.com/oldskool or http://www.oldskool.be) organizes a huge Jam on Friday, February 29th. All students from all grades will perform for you guided by a very talented pianist. The show will be held @ GC De Zeyp (http://www.dezeyp.be/) and will start at 8.30pm. Doors will be open at 7.30pm, drinks and snacks will be available. Entry is free of charge! No reservations required...

I hope I will have the honour to welcome you there!!!

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